Mitsuaki Saito is here !

A new artist joins us ! Mitsuaki Saito from France is releasing a whole world in Indian ink. A collection of coasters and coasters has just been born ! Discover its collections which have just been released !


Set of 3 visuals from the “Tsukimono I” collection printed on 6 coasters.

Official BAMink packaging with the Tsukumogami I trivet

Collection “Tsukumogami I” on ceramic underplate.

With is Niwa (Japanese garden) on tasting trays, the Tsukimono “spirit possession” on coaster, the Tsukumogami “domestic objects that come to life” on coaster and the Yokainoshima “island of Yōkais” serving trays, BAMink offers a brand new style to complete your Table Art just for you! Do you like it? Buy its collections !