The BAMinibox

BAMink produces a new object designed by Alix Welter (designer of our service trays, OKTŌ table and BAMosaïcs), available in its catalog.

3D printing with PLA.

Before presenting the object to you, let’s understand the process of its 3D printing in PLA (bioplastic formed from corn starch): BAMink’s 3D printer heats a spooled PLA wire to 60°C in a spool head. extrusion that moves in 3 dimensions. The object is created by depositing material in successive layers.

Printing the BAMinibox

The BAMinibox.

The BAMinibox is a decorative object, composed of two parts: a 3D printed receptacle and an aluminum sheet cover. The BAMinibox highlights a work and discreetly contains objects. The work is the lid and its opening is made without a mechanism thanks to the reliefs integrated on the edges of the receptacle. The work can also be positioned almost vertically, revealing the content.

The BAMinibox open and closed.

The BAMinibox is offered at 39€ in a limited edition of 5 copies per series combining a work and a color of receptacle printed in 3D. A certificate of authenticity is provided with the object.

Do you like it ? Would you like to help BAMink develop the object and produce new editions ? The first 5 BAMiniboxes are now available !

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