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BAMink continues to innovate! Discover all our latest innovations !

Une nouvelle artiste rejoint nos collections BAMink, Fan Yuqin, une illustratrice hors du commun. Plus d’informations ici.

Large and small serving tray on white background - Designer Alix Welter

Objets Perdus I” collection by Fan Yuqin.

Mitsuaki Saito presents new collections collections on serving trays !

Yokainoshima II” and “Yokainoshima III” collections by Mitsuaki Saito.

BAM! We’re proud to announce that we’ve been doing a lot of work in the furniture business. First of all, here are the latest OKTŌ collections!

One of the BIG BAM(s) is the BAMosaïc! Steel furniture with a composition of 100 tiles to assemble a work of art!

BAMosaïc I and its “…” collection

4 models are now available for BAMink’s top-of-the-range furniture range, Les BAMosaïc !

Discover one of our latest artists! Matthieu Colin, a photographer and artist from Marseille. With his aerial technique, he captures instantaneous places with a rich, colorful beauty we’re not used to seeing. (more info)


works by Matthieu Colin.

New collections in the “decoration” category. Wall art by Jean-Philippe Bonhomme aka JPB.


works by Jean-Philippe Bonhomme.

Yannick Prison releases a new coaster pack, “Shade To Warm”. Items in shades of yellow and gold.


a set of 6 printed coasters for your home!

We end this blog with our BAMinibox in 5 editions! It’s been quite a success, so there’s only one left! Do you want it?! Hurry, it’s HERE!

BAMinibox-boiteàsecretdebureau-éditionlimitée-Yellow-Némo Welter-05

The BAMinibox with its little accessories in collector’s editions !