Discover all our new products for the month of March!

Let’s start with a new artist! Fan Yuqin, an illustrator from Guangdong. She presents us her first collection on an oak serving tray!

Large and small serving tray on white background - Designer Alix Welter

Photo of the collection’s service tray “John’s Thought“.

Now you can PERSONNALISER with your own photo, logo, an image on aluminum plate with a 2 in 1 attachment system (You can hang it on the wall or put it on a stand)!

3 sizes of prints in matte finish. 15x10cm, 30x20cm and 30x30cm

We had the opportunity to celebrate our 600 likes on Facebook !!! THANK YOU!

A new collection of Némo Welter OKTŌ is proposed in the catalog ! “DIGITAL GREEN” !

BAMink-coffee-table-ash-Oktō-marble floor-Némo Welter-Digital-Green

table OKTŌ in black laminated MDF with ash wood legs designed by a professional turner from Wallonia!


The artwork “DIGITAL GREEN” is proposed alone to hang it on one of your beautiful walls to embellish your interior.

Unfortunately, we end with a little bad news… The famous COVID-19. We are going to have to be on a temporary stop! But know that we are preparing a lot of surprises for the reopening of BAMink!