Service Tray


Create your service tray for a personalized decoration or an original gift..
Send the photo, logo, picture of your choice and we will take care of the printing.. (*see below for details on the file send)

For your events, as a gift, or simply to decorate space : BAMink offers you to customize your wooden service tray.

Print your own high-end service tray.

BAMink cannot be held responsible of the result, if applicable. (Take care of the quality of your sent files for optimal rendering.)
BAMink takes no responsibility for the image rights / of the author of the visuals sent.

The print media is resistant to scratches, blows and liquids on the printable surface (certain limits).

The service tray was designed by Alix Welter.

File to send
Accepted Formats : .pdf – .jpg
Size small : 30,1cm x 21cm en 300 DPI.
OR minimum : 3555 x 2480 pixels.
Large size : 41cm x 30,1cm en 300 DPI.
OR minimum : 4842 x 3555 pixels.
(5mm loss on each side when printing).

The service tray is made in Liège.
The visual is printed in Liège by Bamink..
The packaging is made by BAMink and screen-printed by Agraphe in Liège..

Use a slightly damp paper to clean the printable surface and the wooden frame..
See details

PS-S-personnaliser-04 (petit format)
PS-L-personnaliser-05 (grand format)

Bancontact, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard

Weight N/A
Package dimensions N/A
Product dimensions

Small : 39.2 x 23.8 x 5.2 cm / Large : 43,6 x 32,9 x 5,2 cm

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