Yannick Pirson

Blue Lydic


For a personalized decoration or an original gift, here is an exclusive creation by Yannick Pirson printed on a tempered glass tray.

45,00 TVAC

BAMink offers you a tasting tray in tempered glass.

The collection “Blue Lydic” offers a visual created by Yannick Pirson in a limited edition (100 copies): a top-of-the-range tasting tray for a unique interior.

Each tasting tray purchased supports the chosen artist!

The printed image is on the back of the tray. (Protected by the tempered glass). The printable surface is sensitive to scratches and blows.

The tasting tray is printed in Liège by Bamink.
The packaging is made by BAMink and screen-printed by Agraphe in Liège.

Use a slightly damp paper or cloth to clean the printable surface.
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Bancontact, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard


Weight 0,720 kg
Package dimensions 35,2 × 22,5 × 2,5 cm
Product dimensions

28.5 x 20 x 0.4 cm


Heat-tempered glass

Artistic techniques


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